my first post based of my wixwp life

At first, Thank you God for all your blessings and my family,

Welcome to the Wixwp website, Wixwp is the new site in the globe. It’s launched on 27 Sept 2016 with the vision to provide all technique, WordPress Beginners guide to helps you work smarter and easy to understand of WordPress and basic are. In coming days, a huge amount of information about Guide for Beginners Blogging, Seo, and new secret ideas will here; It’s all everything provides on this website personally all experiences handled of my life experiences.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a type of Web Pages, it’s not an ordinary diary, but it is an (online) internet dairy that will write and share publicly regular entries of events, information adds new material to or regularly update a blog.

Uses of Blogs

Nowadays most of the people use blog for sharing our information deals and thought or writing, teaching skill, here are several uses of blog that given are

  • Teaching (Blogging, Seo, etc.)
  • Personal Diary (about life or anyone)
  • Office Diary (Business)
  • Online (Money Making)

In my opinions, I recommend is to create your web blog on WordPress. You will need not to hire any developer for starting a blog; I will soon provide full share guide, how starts a blog on WordPress or Blogger. If you want for creating a new blog, there will need some requirements to complete a blog, a good hosting account to manage the blog and some applications and plugins are

A little story of changing my life & came on blog

Later two years ago (2014), I was searching on google on a topic related “tricks“, From it I have opened a site and took and read of content, his design of website are charmed to the heart, I have struggled to meet admin. I never thought that my life would change. There was the first time of my life part that was entirely changed, Since I did not feel where I am gone, & I have no any ideas about creating blog or Hosting, Since, when I was childhood I spent a lot of time in front of my laptop to search the new revolutionary, I was playing a lot of games on the laptop and phone and learning some making videos, designs more are. There are many difficulties, struggle behind around all human begins, One my friend helped everything he shared all his experiences that he know, He gave me a new path which I had searched since childhood. Thanks from the heart for becoming my friend. (Bicky)

Abhishek kumar wiwp admin

I’m Abhishek Kumar, Founder of Wixwp, I was born on July 11, 1998, in a little town of Uttar Pradesh. I made this blog with a vision to share the latest information about Technology, SEO Tips, Making Money Online. We will always keep on my blog If you wish for any questions. You can personally contact me.